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Hi and welcome to Global Mods. On this site you will find a variety of modding and glitching tutorials. Along with the resources to do them. But we dont only do mods and glitches we also help with flashing the xbox 360 to play backed up games.

On this homepage you will find urgent news and a description of each page;


Here you will find out our latest updates to the site and news about modding and glitching. For example if theres an update to patch a glitch we will post it on there. Any urjent and very importaint news is also posted on the homepage.


This contains all the downloads you will need, for any tutorial on our site, all downloads are uploaded by me (torin pitchers) and are uploaded using megauplaod. The password for all downloads is "globalmodding" without the quotes ( " )


To have full access to the site you will need to be a member which is 100% free. On the page you can see other members and their profiles and pictures. Along with the staff

About Us

This page will give you a little heads up on who we are, what we do and why we do it. This also tells you what the website is about. Thats if you havent allready gathered.


The forums page is one of the most helpfull pages on the site it will have many things for example, requests. Solutions to common problems and also iso games which others have posted for users to download

Contact Us

This page is encase you wish to contact us for any reason> it could be becuase you have a problem or simply a general question. Also use this page if you have an advertising proposal.


Thsi page will tell you about the staff here at Global Mods. We have a variety of staff whom specialise in different subjects. Some are modders, some glitchers and some are simply recorders.

Modding/Glitching Tutorials

This is proboly the most used page on the site here you will find all of our videos which have also been uploaded to youtube. It contains different types of mods and glitches.


We are very fond of user satisfaction so please leave any feed back on this page it could be because you love the site or because you hate it. Please give us some pointers on how to make the site better for you.

Flash Xbox 360

This page is an in depth tutorial on how to flash your xbox 360. This could be to play backuped games or to play modded iso games for example modded zombies. If you find this tutorial hard we charge a reasonable price to do this for you. Please remember you can only play the games you legaly own. For example if you buy left for dead and your disk snaped you are legaly allowed to download a copy to play on your xbox 360.